Glow In The Dark Luminous Garden Pebbles [10 pcs]

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🌞What A Great Way To Light Up Walkways, Paths And Driveways🌞

😃Go With The Glow😃

Our multicolored glow in the dark pebbles can be used to decorate roads, grass and gardens; they can be used to decorate potted plants and gardening; also to decorate fish tanks  and swimming pools; suitable for special occasions, parties, etc. The glow in the dark pebbles is the best decoration at night.

 ✅ Features:

Diameter: 0.8-1.2 inches / 2-3 cm, made of high quality resin, non-toxic and odorless, without radioactive substances.

Fluorescent bright effect Bright

principle of body reaction, does not require energy or battery. Pebbles need enough sunlight to absorb ultraviolet light before they can glow in the dark.

✅ Packing list:

10/50/100/200 Pieces * Colorful White, Green, Blue Or Green Garden light stones

✅ Frequently Asked Questions: 

1️⃣ Q: the luminous stones received will not shine. It's useless?

    A: Luminous Stone is a light storage product. The principle is to absorb the light source to emit it. Each time it emits light for 2-8 hours, the first 1-2 hours highlight the period and then continue to emit light. The product received was not illuminated because there was no source of absorption during the logistics process. You can turn it back on in the sun or under the light.

2️⃣ Q: Why didn't the sun that had burned during the day still shine at night?

    A: Because its principle is to emit light while absorbing light, it also begins to emit it during the light storage process. If you absorb the light during the day, but after sunset, after the period of night light, you can only see a slightly weaker light, but when the light is turned on and then illuminated, you can see that it is very bright.

3️⃣ Q: What color is brightest in the night light?

     A: The blue, orange and white colors are brighter.

✅ Important note:

the effect of light products is not disposable and can be used for more than 15 years and still have the same effect.

Due to the need to take pictures, the light effect is taken in a dark environment, and the darker the ambient light, the better.